Takapō Stars Experience

at Dark Sky Project Base

Uncover the mystery of our universe with Takapō Stars Experience: the perfect alternative when weather prohibits us from taking you outdoors.

Change the way you see the night sky. For thousands of years mankind has looked to our night skies with a sense of wonder and connection. A connection to those who came before us, to those in other places, and to the unknown of what lies above.

Hosted by the expert astronomy guides who lead our stargazing tours, Takapō Stars Experience is an indoor scientific journey of discovery. From the Big Bang to today, you’ll explore the origins and evolution of the universe including how living beings came to be.

Four distinct zones with impressive interactive audio-visuals offer a unique insight into our universe, the Milky Way and other celestial phenomena. Discover the principles of astronomy, planet formations, galaxy structure and learn about the impressive global research projects undertaken at the nearby University of Canterbury Mt John Observatory. 

The final zone is an immersive cinematic experience - explore our universe in 3D and discover what’s visible from Takapō on any given evening. Zoom into specific areas of interest and come prepared with questions; our guides love nothing more than to share their expert knowledge with you.


Tour Overview


Dark Sky Project Base


Impressive interactive audio visuals

Time of day

Evening, inside during adverse weather conditions

Minimum age

5 years & over

Family options




1 hour

Tour times


Pick up options

No transport required

Checking in

Please check in at Dark Sky Project Base at least 10 minutes prior

Please note that Takapō Stars Experience is not a bookable product. It is an indoor alternative to our evening stargazing experiences, offered to visitors when weather prohibits us from taking you outdoors.


Seasonal Pricing

Mar 2020 – Sep 2020


Ages 18+



Ages 5-17



2 adults, 2 children


Additional Child

with Family Pass