Photo Gallery

Not sure what to expect when you visit? Check out our photo gallery below for some of the incredible sights you may witness on your visit to Takapō (Tekapō) and the Dark Sky Project. 


At Dark Sky Project we welcome you to bring your own camera and take photographs on our stargazing tours. Astro-photography can be tricky to master, but many of our guides are keen astro-photographers and will be happy to give you some pointers in getting the best set up. 

It is vitally important that before you attempt to take photos, you must deactivate the flash. Bright light can interrupt the scientific work happening in from the observatory as well as others stargazing experience.

We would love to see your photos, so don't forget to tag us: @DarkSkyProject on Facebook and Instagram.

Had your photo taken on one of our Dark Sky Project tours? Check out our Flickr account for your photo: Dark Sky Project’s albums | Flickr