Tātai Aroraki (Māori Astronomy)

The night sky is central to Māori understanding of the world.

When Māori look up into the night sky they see more than just stars and planets - they see order, a connection that binds them to their ancestors.

Māori looked to the sky for numerous reasons; they read it like a roadmap, not only to mark places and understand where they were, but also to mark time and seasonality. They read the sky to predict the weather patterns, to determine when fish would run, when birds would be big and fat and when the soil would be fertile and ready for planting.

Enhance your understanding of tātai aroraki (Māori astronomy) with our Dark Sky Experience tour which brings to life the stories of the universe, combining Māori astronomy and science.

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Dark Sky Experience

An indoor, daytime tour which merges science and tatai aroraki (Māori astronomy) in a ‘Big Bang’ of awe and inspiration.

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