View our Takapō night skies at their breathtaking best.


It's a little known secret, how spectacular winter night skies are for stargazing. Early sunsets and long winter nights provide the ultimate time to experience the stunning milky way, far off planets and unique star clusters.

Let us show you why the night skies in Takapō are regarded as the best in the world. 

Five reasons to stargaze in winter 

1. The Milky Way 

Over winter the spectacular galactic bulge, or Milky Way, is high in the sky across Lake Takapō. A breathtaking sight which can be seen with the naked eye, best on a moonless night. 


2. Clearer night skies 

Cold air holds less hazy moisture than warm air, making those chilly clear winter evenings the ideal time to get outside and look up to the stars. We provide ECW (extreme cold weather) jackets to keep everyone comfortable and cosy.


3. Earlier sunsets

Over winter, the early sunset allows us to depart for our evening tours from as early as 6.30pm, providing for the perfect after dinner entertainment. 


4. Visiting planets & far off galaxies

This winter we see the return of the enormous Jupiter and crowd favourite, Saturn with its incredible rings. Delving deeper see the Omega Centauri cluster and distant galaxies like the Sombrero galaxy.  


5. Combine sunsets, dinner and stargazing

From 5pm, take in the sunset view from our lakeside Dark Sky Diner. Enjoy with drinks, dinner and dessert before embarking on our ultimate stargazing experience. The timing could not be more seamless for a memorable night. 


If you are thinking of doing some stargazing, then winter is definitely the time to do it.  We strongly recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Dark Sky Diner 


Sit back, relax and take in the stunning views. Located on Takapō (Tekapo) lakefront, Dark Sky Diner boasts spectacular views day and night. 

Open Thursday - Sunday.


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